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Quindecim Recordings QP-004
Album of contrasting sonorities,  coloristic deployments of great  richness and a fiercful interpretation.  This CD represents the beginning of Tambuco's  constant discographic progress.
Composer Title
Henk de Vlieger Toccata
Raúl Tudón Cuarteto #2
Paul Barker Four Quartets in Three Movements
Eduardo Soto Corazón Sur
Santiago Ojeda Zappaloapan
Tradicional Música Tradicional para djembes

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Japanese Percussion Music
Quindecim Recordings QP-005 
From it's debut concert, Tambuco has always enjoyed a growing relation with japanese music, performers and creators. They have interacted constantly, premiering works and touring both Japan and Mexico performing japanese repertoire. This collaborative process is at its peak and keeps growing stronger as time goes by.
Composer Title
Akira Nishimura Ketiak
Jo Kondo A Volcano Mouth
Takehito Shimazu Critical Point
Toru Takemitsu Rain Tree
Keiko Abe Conversation in the Forest

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Dorian Recordings DOR-90245
The Audiophile Audition acknowledged this CD as one of the best recordings released in 1997.
This CD includes premiere works dedicated to Tambuco, as well as a brillant performance of "Rítmicas 5 y 6", historic work which is considered as the first work for percussion ensemble.
Composer Title
Gabriela Ortiz Altar de Neón
Amadeo Roldán Rítmicas 5 & 6
Eugenio Toussaint La Chunga de la Jungla
Santiago Ojeda Zappaloapan
Minoru Miki Marimba Spiritual
Graham Fitkin Hook

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Chamber Works
 with Eduardo Mata

Dorian Recordings DOR-90215
This is the last recording of Mexico's greatest conductor in collaboration with Tambuco. This CdD has already become a classic recording that allow us to admire Maestro Mata's expresive capability and a master interpretation of Carlos Chávez percussion works, limestone for classical percussion literature.
Xochipilli, Música Azteca Imaginada
Toccata para Instrumentos de Percusión

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World Premiere Recordings
Quindecim Recordings  QP-1081
The selected repertoire for this fascinating CD is an interesting array of works never released before, many of which were written specially for Tambuco  and nowadays considered fundamental reference of Mexican percussion repertoire.
Includes works by Javier Alvarez, Carlos Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Gonzalo Macías, Mario Lavista and Ignacio Baca-Lobera.
Composer Title
Mario Lavista Danza Isorrítmica
Gonzalo Macías Soufflée
Carlos Sánchez- Gutiérrez Danza-Contradanza II
Ignacio Baca-Lobera Fase II
Javier Alvarez Nocturno y Toque
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Series Vol. I
Quindecim Recordings  QP-116
With this release, Tambuco announces the beginning of an important project devoted to record the inmense variety of musical voices and  ideas coming from important Iberoamerican creators with whom Tambuco has collaborated. This CD Shows diverse musical thoughts coming from the great Iberoamerican cultures; New voices alongside established ones, all of them enjoying great craftmanship and artistry. as magic and colourful as the culture that originated them.
Composer Title  
Alexandra Cardenas de los tiempos del ruido
Leopoldo Novoa Sábe cómo eh?
Rodolfo Acosta Canto per Klaus
Claudia Calderón Albores
Leonardo Idrobo Figuras
Johann Hasler Acróstico

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 Iberoamerican Series  Vol. II  Spain Second volume of Tambuco's Iberoamerican Series, dedicated to the creative work of composers rom Spain, most of which have worked alongside Tambuco, sharing their time their music and their ideas. Tambuco has been very lucky to work with them in diverse occasions. Tambuco ha tenido la fortuna de trabajar con ellos en diferentes ocasiones. The repertoire of this CD is the result of such collaborations.

These works are just a small example of the great patrimony of percussion literature that Spain has accumulated over the passing of time. The composers featured in this CD belong to diverse generations and their presence make us perceive the multi-generational and multi-cultural profile in music of today's Spain.
Composer Title  
José Luis Castillo Estudio Geométrico 1
Miki Campins Shiver
Josep Soler Sonidos de la Noche


Rodolfo Halffter Paquiliztli
Francisco Guerrero Acte Préalable
Luis de Pablo Le Prie-Dieu sur la Terasse
Tambuco Tambuco por Bulerías
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Carlos Chávez Complete Chamber Music Vol. III
Cambria Master Recordings
Three time GRAMMY Award Nominee Album including Best Classical Album, This volume is the result of an ongoing international collaboration between Southwest Chamber Music and the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble in Mexico. Volume 3 features the complete music for percussion and the complete music for voice and instruments with Alba Quezada and Los Angeles Opera mezzo- soprano Suzanna Gúzman.
Three GRAMMY Award Nominations
Best Classical Album
Best Small Chamber Ensemble

Best Latin Classical Album
Xochipilli, an Imagined Aztec Music
Toccata, for six percussionists (1st mov)
Toccata, for six percussionists (3rd mov)
Tambuco, for six percussionists
Partita, for solo timpani (Gigue)

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William Kraft

Tambuco and Southwest
Chamber Music

Cambria Master Recordings
Celebrating the 85th birthday of William Kraft, one of America’s most important composers and percussionists, GRAMMY®-winning Southwest Chamber Music, the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble of Mexico and Cambria Master Recordings are proud to announce the release of a major survey of Kraft’s Encounters. This new three-CD release celebrates the 25th recording of Southwest Chamber Music and fills a major gap in the recorded discography of American music.

The set contains over three hours of groundbreaking music that establishes the percussionist as a formidable soloist with various other solo instruments, such as trombone, violin, and cello. The three CDs span fourteen Encounters, documenting a compositional journey that began in the 1960s and will certainly continue with more Encounters in the future.
Encounters I: Soliloquy, for Solo Percussion and Tape
Encounters IV: Duel for Trombone and Percussion
Encounters VI: Concertino for RotoToms and Percussion Quartet
Encounters XII: The Gabriellic Foray, for Harp and Percussion

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