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"With the highest artistry, Tambuco illustrated a thousand hyper-inventive ways to create unorthodox sounds. They even drew pitches out  of seemingly non-pitch instruments. Don't miss the repeat tonight at the Terrace Theater. 
The music explored the outer dimensions of percussive sound, and the Cuarteto worked wonders with  myriad instruments and even the musicians' bodies (hands, wrists, fingertips, voices). Through all these multi-soundscapes, the Mexicans' exciting approach never sacrificed the music's  aesthetic meaning to their unmistakable technical virtuosity."

Cecelia Porter
The Washington Post

"The timpanist Ricardo Gallardo and his three Tambuco associates are kept busy, but even in pieces "Xochipilli, an Imaginary Aztec Music" or the Partita for Solo Timpani a sense of neatness hangs over such naturally theatrical opportunities."

The New York Times

"On this occasion Kronos Quartet was joined by  Mexico City percussion ensemble Tambuco. Very impressive!"
"Great virtuosity and theatricality of Tambuco. Put Ben-Dor and her enthusiasms  together with players of this caliber and Santa Barbara could really produce a world-class festival"

Mark Swed

Los Angeles Times

"What mesmerising creativity,! A Tour de Force of subtle and forceful artistry. The members of Tambuco are chameleons on dozens of instruments. Oh, to hear these performers in this music in actual concert!"

Grammophone Magazine 

"Kronos were at their best working with Tambuco Percussion Ensemble from Mexico City, which added a thrusting integrity to the string quartet's music. Tambuco’s kettle drums, marimba and other mallet instruments were used on Silvestre Revueltas' "Sensemaya" and the encores, Margarita Lecuona's "Tabu" and Perez Prado's "Mambo en sax" -- though the Kronos members appeared to react with extra enthusiasm and exactness in the collaborative effort. Tambuco gave the music backbone, aiding the festive nature of the tunes that were already plenty perky to start."

Phil Gallo, Hollywood (Variety)

“​​Gran impacto sensorial el que dejan los ritmos de Tambuco, sin duda el mejor grupo de percusiones de este y otros territorios. Su música es tan potente, tan expansiva, tan exacta como los latidos del corazón. Hay fuerza, intuición y conocimiento de causa en este conjunto de percusionistas de talla internacional. Su actuación dejó el escenario de Bellas Artes cargado de energía”

Fernando de Ita, (Reforma)

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