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Raúl Tudón

Born in Mexico City, Raúl Tudón initiated his musical studies at the National School of Music (University of Mexico) and subsequently pursued a self-directed path of learning.

Starting in 1990, he embarked on a journey of presenting solo marimba recitals both in Mexico and internationally,  showcasing primarily his own compositions. 

This creative career materialized in the production of three compact discs: "Voces del Viento Vol I and II”,  "Voces de la tierra Vol I and II" as well as "Naturaleza Acústica, Naturaleza Eléctrica," all released by the Mexican label Quindecim Recordings.

As a founding member of the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, Raúl, has performed in concert halls worldwide, presenting compositions dedicated to the ensemble and significant works from the international percussion repertoire.

In his dual role as a composer and performer, he has authored a catalog of 70 works spanning solo, chamber, and orchestral compositions, particularly noted for his distinctive use of percussion, especially the marimba. His creations have obtained wide recognition and have been interpreted by renowned soloists and ensembles across the globe.

In 1998, he established the improvisation trio "Shades of Time" alongside Swiss drummer Georg Hofmann and U.S. flutist Steve Gorn. 

Together, they produced two recordings: "Dreaming Mexico" and "Siladette" and performed concerts in various venues across Mexico City and Europe.

Continuing his artistic exploration and seeking to broaden his interpretative repertoire, he founded the project “Secret Chants of Silence" in 2003.  This initiative incorporates not only percussions but also diverse electronic and traditional instruments from various countries. The result is a highly individualized and distinctive musical style that defies easy categorization but is exceptionally rich in sonic textures. Under this project, he has released three recordings: "13 Dances to defy death”, "Khantrha" and “The 13 Oceans and 13 Heavens."

As member of Tambuco, he maintains an intense didactic activity by offering master classes on contemporary percussion performance and interpretation.

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